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We are a team of expert programmers with over 30 years experience developing bespoke software solutions for businesses and ourselves. When a good friend mentioned what a nightmare he was having creating pedigree sheets for his pigeons we said – ‘We can help you with that!’ and Pedigree Manager was born.

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With over 25 years in the business our MD, Julian Salmon has worked on developing many bespoke software solutions, Apps and Web Solutions. Starting off working predominantly designing insurance quotation and document delivery systems he has progressed over time into many different industries and now have applications in use in industry, the NHS and global organisations. Alongside his commercial activities Julian is also a serial builder of software to combat his own pet hates so if he can find a user friendly solution for something or a system is driving him up the wall at some point a solution will usually be developed and sometimes released to the general market. Pedigree Manager is one of these solutions after a night out with a friend of 40 years who was complaining about how long it was taking to produce the pedigrees for his champion pigeon chicks, Julian got to thinking and decided it was a good opportunity to find out more about OCR and from that Pedigree Manager was born.


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The main thing we wanted to address here was the time aspect, with 30 boxes to be completed for each baby and sometimes in excess of 30 babies, getting the parent pedigrees on the system was always going to be time consuming and so that was the first issue we decided to address using OCR, just by taking a picture of the pedigree or scanning and uploading it we can pull the words out in an editable format for use in the online pedigrees, then by pairing 2 birds as a couple any offspring get automatically merged pedigree certificates already created. no need to do anything!

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