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Racing Pigeon Pedigree Software utilising 2023 OCR technology to save you time. Scan pedigrees just by taking a picture of them. Automatically merge pedigrees for juveniles by pairing the parents and much more.

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A solution designed to save you time

The whole Pedigree Manager system has been designed to save you time, no matter if you are uploading new stock birds or pairing for breeding, if we could save any time for you then we have done that.

Time Saving

In a world of technology, Pedigree Manager makes the difference, to save your time.


Effortlessly manages all your Pedigree’s, whilst ensuring maximum security.


Sometimes the best way to achieve the future is to research and invent it.

Pedigree Software by Pedigree Manager uses OCR Technology to save you time

OCR Technology Pedigree Manager.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it is technology that can capture text from images and convert it in to an editable format that you can use. by using this technology it means that you can just take a picture of a pedigree and boom its on the system

Breeding - Pairing Pedigree Manager.

When you breed birds then just pair the parents and the system will automatically merge their pedigrees to prepare them for the juveniles when born, no need to do anything more than name them and add their ring numbers.

Winnings tracking Pedigree Manager.

Just add the race date, result and winnings and the system will total the winnings made from that bird, also it will total the winnings from any offspring of that bird to show success of the progeny.

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Our Hybrid cloud hosting infrastructure has a 99.9% uptime guarantee

Hourly Backups

All you data is backed up hourly so if the worst did happen you will never lose more than an hours data.

Data Protection

Our System is Fully GDPR compliant and we never share any of your data with any other businesses.


Our customers love what we do

This racing pigeon pedigree software has been designed to save you time, no matter if you are uploading new stock birds or pairing for breeding, if we could save any time for you then we have done that.

Marc Tillett
Marc TillettHobby Breeder
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The OCR features are the best!

The OCR capability saves me so much time adding in new birds to the system, its just amazing!
Julian Salmon
Julian SalmonHobby Breeder
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Email pedigrees is so simple!

The ability to email pedigrees direct from the system is brilliant, Simple and very effective!
RichardHobby Breeder
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The Price is Great!

Considering everything this system does and how easy it is to use the price is great, I recommend it to everyone, its just amazing!

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